Sunday, March 8, 2015

The week in photos

As a way to practice photography, i decided to take photos everyday, of almost everything and in every condition, dont wait until it's sunny enough or the perfect time of the day, and it was fun ! not always great results but i'll learn nothing if i dont make mistakes. here's my week :

Saturday 28/02/2015

felt in the mood for cooking , made calamaris and red sauce tagliatelle for dinner , my mom's favorite pasta.

Sunday 01/03/2015

lazy sunday  lunch with my sister.

Monday 02/03/2015

Beading, i should finish this spring collection but i'm not feeling inspired enough for new designs...

Tuesday 03/03/2015

went shopping with mom, but didnt bring the camera, and didnt regret it, nothing interesting to shoot.

Wednesday 04/03/2015

Perfect weather,  played with the manual mode , and it was fun, but i still need to practice..

 Thursday 05/03/2015

as the typical procastinator , instead of working i  cleaned up my vanity...

Friday 06/03/2015

stumbled upon this yummy recipe   and tried it (minus the roasted strawberries) ! not disapointed at all !

Saturday 07/03/2015

a quick self portrait because the light was lovely.

my sister and father birthdays are in the same week ( 3 an 6 march) so we decided to celebrate them together today.

I made this Lemon Tart and the mini ricotta, spinach and beef salées .

that's all folks ! hope you've had a better week than me :)

Imen xoxo