Monday, November 30, 2015


     Like most ladies, i love black, and all dark colors, dark grey, dark brown, dark blue, and when it comes to daily outfits it's what i go for , classy, easy to style and give some sort of "grace" to the allure :) here's some of my dark styling ideas:

 black wide skirt, grey top, black cardigan, and of course black back pack. i wont give labels of the item because i dont want to impose you a certain limits, just do with what you already have, and most of my clothes are either made by me or thrifted.

 a very dark one: black pants, black blouse, black beaded cardiga, an black bag.

a "lighter" options with the white shirt and color beaded necklace.

not so dark, but so effortless idea :)

hope you're having a lovely time and happy holidays !

Saturday, November 21, 2015


As usual, no mood for almost anything these days, it's the weather, few years back i would feel over exited for the coming of winter, but now the slightest grey in the sky will make it even harder to get out of bed.

luckely the weekend is brighter so i was out shooting some greens

and purple !

and kitty , of course. 

hope you had a better time than me. see you


Monday, November 9, 2015

BareMinerals,Dr. Hauschka and Milk !

          First of i apologize for the lack of posts, no mood to blog lately.. but i'm back now and i thought since it's a girl blog why not share what i'm liking in the "girls stuff" world, it's not a review, i don't do reviews simply because i use the same products for years and i rarely try new stuff, but I've been recently introduced to Bare Minerals Complexion rescue, lured by the hypes and the Gurus swearing by it, and it wasn't disappointing at all !

 the formula is the most comfortable and hydrating base I've used so far, it's not thick or oily but it gives the perfect amount of moisture and it doesn't cake or or shine by the end of the day, i don't use it straight to my clean skin, i always use some sort of a base, oils, moisturizer , but i feel like it can be put on directly and still feels good.
it's a bit expensive for a tinted moisturizer but it's worth every coin :) i don't think you can find it here in Tunisia , i got it with the help of my German sister (my brother's wife) but if you can get hold of it don't hesitate !

the second star of my base routine is this Cover stick by Dr. hauschka, it's not a concealer, it's used under foundation to cover blemishes, redness and dark circles, it's better to use an under eye brightener on top if you need to,  i don't, after applying this, the base and the powder my dark circles are almost gone !its not too thick, not drying, and the color match is perfect for me . again i doubt this is available in Tunisia bu try to get it i f you're a "minimalist base" type of girl .

the final step is powder, i have a talc-phobia since I've read about it being cancerous and i stopped using facial powders for years and tried to tone down my oiliness by using cornstarch and arrowroot powders , then I've heard of  Lavera cosmetics, tried this powder foundation and i'm hooked! very light, slightly tinted and not caky at all, and amazingly cheap for a clean natural product.

all applied on with the the Zoeva vegan stippling brush. best tool so far.

the 4 musketeers:  if you're not a "makeup" girl like me but still have to put on a decent face for work or just enjoy fuss free makeup keep it simple, avoid the trendy fancy techniques and stick to the bases: spot-cover, unify the skin tone and fix it. i  use a home made makeup fixing spray( equal parts of distilled water, rose water and orange blossom water) and it lasts up to 7 hours, i hate reapplying makeup throughout the day, and with these i don't have to !

not my best angle but i thought i should "show" what I've been talking about.
Base : Trilogy facial lotion
-Dr. Hauschka cover stick n°3
-BareMinerals conplexion rescue in Ginger
-Lavera powder foundation in medium
Lips and cheeks
-Lavera lip and cheeks cream in Sunny cherry
-Yves rocher liner and mascara

I've also tried the Bare skin foundation, but didn't enjoy it as much as the complexion rescue, it's was ok, but a bit drying and slightly harder to apply, but i guess if i use more moisture before it will help.

       Speaking of moisturizer, these to are my favorite new couple!Quince day cream and Hydra vegetal by Yves rocher. i alternate between them both for day time and i use the Hydra vegetal with oils for night time and my skin never been better :) 

         Also a little secret/ trick, Milk ! every night i clean my face with a gentle cleanser ( oil or Pure calmille ) , pat dry, then i apply about a tea spoon of milk on my face and i gently massage it into my skin for 2 minute, let it dry , rince it and procede with my routine, toner oils and moisturizer. milk is a good source of moisture, it also helps clearing and fading acne spots and hyper pigmentation and it give a healthy glow, i know its famous for being acne causing , but i think it is if consumed , but not if applied externally. it helped control my spotty face and i only get the occasional 1 or 2 hormonal ones on my chin and forehead. 

hope I've been helpful in some way, i like sharing things i like and find useful!

have a gorgeous week 
xoxo Imen.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bits and Bobs

   It's been a while, sorry, i've been deep in my ordinary boring daily life  and nothing interesting to blog about, but i though some bits of the ordinary is worth to share so here i am !

   Some OOTDs , perfecting my  minimalist effortless style, and it wasnt hard , i'm very lazy when it come to choosing the days outfit .. note to self: get a tripod soon)



fifi is lost few weeks ago, missing him so bad.

been remodeling the living room for a while, still in the process and a photo of the final result will be posted soon;)

someone probably discovered this ages ago but i've only recently tried the brown pancakes( cocoa pancakes) and i dont regret it at all !

hope  you had a lovely time and enjoying the creepy winter :)

see you xoxo