Monday, April 27, 2015

OOTD :hot spring

   Havent posted much last week very sorry, but i havnt done much unless you count sneezing and tearing .. been out saturday for some errands but took the time to snap some shots for you :)

OOTD photobombed :p

blooming Tunis, sneezed for more than a minute after every shot! but it was worth it :)

Napping beauty

she was eating a sandwich :)

hope you're enjoying the lovely weather 

see you !

Imen xoxo

Monday, April 20, 2015

outings: Cap Serat Bizert

   Had a lovely little trip with my sister and her class mates and friends last saturday to  Cap Serat in Bizert, a gorgeous place, wait, why talking when i can show you !

old port Bizert, stopped here on the way to the Cap for some snack .

 going up the hill

view of the heaven

" wet" me

"dry" me

 the ladies

" the hills are alive to the sound of music "!

and the way back home view, i wish it lasted longer ..

hope you get a gorgeous week, i have one full of beading and crazy supplies hunting :)
see you !

Imen xoxo

Friday, April 17, 2015

The week in photos

You may have noticed by now, i'm not a very talkative blogger, i express better with pictures. i do have alot to say but not in words, so these are photos to "talk" about my week!

Monday : OOTD
went out for supplies shopping.

Tuesday: work
getting a little flow of ideas and feeling creative finely!

Wednesday : some eye soothing green befor work , my window view in spring and summer is just wow! i cant see most of the outside and realy loving that :)

 Thursday: kitchen cleaning, was very needed and didnt have much to do anyway.

  with some help ;)

 Friday :was in the mood for some crepes , finished some beading  and had a busy cooking afternoon, prepared snackes and sanwiches for the saturday outing to Cap Serate ! what a tease! a blog post of it will be up on monday inshallah ;)

hope you have a gorgeous weekend !
Imen xoxo

Monday, April 13, 2015


          If you come to Tunisia, your guide will probably take you to Sidi Bou Said, and if you come alone , you need to Go there !
           last saturday , me my sister and her friend Sarah enjoyed it ,  i didnt want to take "Typical " Sidi Bou photos that you'll see if you google it, and tried to snap the non famous parts and angles! i hope you like these !

the white blue combination is so refreshing and uplifting!

the girls were so busy dicussing hot  Korean drama topics!

 this  lovely gift shop had the prettiest hand made bath products and accessories!

and ofcorse some DOORS :)

the "way home" bokeh was my sister's idea .
hope you have a bright week

Imen xoxo