Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fall oh Fall !

    Technically  fall starts in few days, but it still over 33° and trees are still green and bright, and since i'm not a big fan of the heat and the summer to me is only the few days i spent at the beach, i like to think that it's already fall !

   And what a better way to start fall than a "vanity organizing" session ?! ( i know, there are  better ways but i Enjoy organizing !)

    I've been cleaning and ditching "too chemical" stuff from my beauty and skincare shelves since last spring, but it has been a "very slow" proccess because i simply couldn't find "cleaner" alternatives that realy work for me in here, the only "mostly clean" beauty and skincare brand available is Yves Rocher, wich is good but not all items are great, specialy makeup.
      I rarely wear makeup, mostly when i go out, wich is once or twice a week, and even when i do, it's a "no makeup" look, so i dont care much about how long it lasts or the makeup trends that are going on,( i do genuinely hate anything that the kardashians started though ..) but i do care if it's good for the skin or not,  and since online shopping is a catastrophy from here i asked my lovely brother to bring some stuff that i read great reviews on  from Germany : LaveraKosmetics, Dr.hauschka, Bareminerals, Isadora, and a Zoeva vegan brush set. i still have "regular" items and "not so clean" brands but most of my stuff are cruelty free now ( wich is very important to me)  except some body lotions and fragrances, wich i'm not proud to use but cant get rid of them as they're gifts. now that my Minimalist skincare and makeup set is completed, i organized my vanity !

the vanity table is a DIY . the mirror is vintage, the star is a candle holder but turned it into accessory holder.

 the lidded candle jar hold cotton rounds and q-tips. toners and facial oils are homemade :)

i keep my makeup kit in this box , i dont reach for it everyday so it's good to keep it safe from sun rays and dust.

the "chair" is a case too, it holds some extra skincare bits, hair straightener that i barely use, ladies stuff, and toilettery bags.

 hope i inspired you in some way :) enjoy the rest of your summer !



Saturday, August 15, 2015


It's been a while, i know, i'm sorry, but i'll make it up i promise!

after my "ramadan detox" it was too hot to go out or even stay in normaly, so nothing much happened in that time until we got a surprise visit from my little brother and his lovely wife, and we had some quality time together, as i'm terrible at description( you should've known by now..) here's a vlog sequences to give you an idea, part 1 and 2 . i'm not a photografer nor a director please be patient and any advice, suggestions are more than welcome! enjoy !

have a gorgeous summer