Monday, March 23, 2015

Post attack

      If you didnt know, a terrorist attack had place in the Bardo museum last wednesday. 21 people died, most of them tourists. this horrible and idiotic act was meant to scare us and the visitors, but it didnt work, the terrorists stupidity and death is a waste. we're not scared, we're going out, we're living our lives and enjoying it even more. this idiology of death and darkness of the ISIS fungus cant grow in the sunny smily joyful Tunisia.  we love life, colors, kindness, and happiness, we celebrate the most random occasions, we're not going to surrender to some "rats" who worship death. needless to say this as most people know it now. islam isnt a religion of death. and this ISIS should be called DSIS ( Death State of Iraq and Syria) .
  these are some photos i took last saturday of the lovly Medina of Tunis, joy, colors, peace, life. i was glad to see so many lovely tourist enjoying their time there wich is heart warming .

   the following photos are som details of the Hamouda Bash mosque.
the writing are poetry .

This bright yellow door cought my eye , our love of life and colors cant fade so easely .

hope you had a better week .

see you 

Imen xoxo