Monday, June 15, 2015

Ramadan !

      The best month of the year ( at least for me) is coming! Ramadan ! and it's kind of a "cleansing" month too,  not much going out, not much internet or any kind of distraction . so i'll be away from the web  for 4 weeks to get the best spiritual benefits possible.

      As an attempt of vlogging i made a little clip of this saturday outing , something new to alternate from photo diary, hope you like it !

and few shots of old Tunis, you can tell i'm obssessed with old , historical architecture, it doesnt have to be famous or fancy, it just have to have some  story behind, wich is the case of most towns and cities here

ootd :)


hope you have a blessed ramadan and a lovely summer ! see you hopefully before Aid !

Imen xoxo

Monday, June 1, 2015

The week's food highlight

As most of my days, nothing realy interesting happend, just beading, and the most important parts of this week happend to be food!

i hate eating by myself, i rearly enjoy it, so i dont put much effort on planning meals when i'm alone, but on weekends i get exited as We'll get to enjoy it together me and my sister, this saturday's breakfast was a bit "too" healthy for a weekend meal :p

for lunch we tried a small asian food restaurant in Carrefour, we were shopping and the sight of noodles gave us the watery mouth. it was lovely!

and the best part of the sunday! molokhia ! a traditional Tunisian dish ( jute leaves powder cooked with lamb or beef  mostly)

hope you have a yummy week:
see you
Imen xoxo