Monday, January 18, 2016


     Winter is here Finally, rain, cold and even snow in the north of the country !
 of course i'm in bed, no reason to break the rules just to take photos or create thing, we'll find time for that later, but i felt i should post something, and what better than bits of my daily life, it's a Blog after all !

 gorgeous winter blooming  trees, and bits of my garden are always an inspiration.

napping prince.

and of course sweets!

hope you had a cozy week
see you soon

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Festive times

    Before anything i want to wish you all a very happy 2016 ! i'm optimistic for this new year, i like even numbers, even thought the past ones weren't so great.. hope you had  lovely holidays, the weather was  "disturbingly" good , too good for the season, which made winter festivities a bit strange, felt like spring, was weird, anyway, here's some bits of my past few weeks:

     thanks to my cats, one of my favorite skirts got bleach stains , couldnt fix it, and loved the fabric too much to throw it away, so made a kimono top out of it, turnd out ok.

carried by the sewing mood i added some lace to this old skirt too, because i was in a "dentelle" phase lately, which includes  browsing vintage lingerie photos online for days and buying few feminine pieces that my wallet didn't thank me for.. ( excuse the blurry photos, still in search of a decent tripod)

new years eve is family time without a doubt, and what better than dinner to gather around, my cooking of course :p

and few days later was my birthday! never was and never be a party person, so birthdays for e are always about being cozy at home  with my loved ones around me and obviously food!

lemon tart, mom's favorite.

all made by me except the black forest because i was too lazy  ;p.

for this year i didn't wish for much as i already have everything i need, a caring loving family, a loyal friend and even thought i'm not working these days i still enjoy making the most of my life ! so Alhamdulillah.

hope you have a glorious year

see you soon
Imen xoxo