Saturday, March 28, 2015

the week in photos : March

Finely got some jewelry work done! and some pretty new stuff are here to show!

 As you can see, miselanious colors, not following any style or "design thread", i make what i think is pretty, inspired from this and that, my work is like my mind , "a little from everything is better tan alot of one thing" :)
  This is the first part, other new things are comming soon !

the peach tree finely blossomed

   one of the yummiest things to taste if you ever come to Tunisia is Mlawy, a kind of homemade bread made with semolina, flour,  worked with olive oil and cooked on some kind of traditional clay pan!
mostly a breakfast bread so very good with honey or butter. you realy should try it !

    you may know this by now: i'm a huge fan of all thing traditional and "artisanal" , tunisian morrocan folkloric items. last saturday i got a basic white musk perfume oil from the traditional perfume market "elattarine"(perfume makers) and i got also this lovely hand blowen glass bottle for just 5dt ( about 2$) it's synthetic or plant based white musk but its very subtle, it doesnt make me sneeze like most commercials perfumes and it's reasonably cheap , a real good deal! i'll be back there to get the jasmine and rose ittr soon , they're heavenly calming and discret, great for a shy lady who doesnt like to be smelled from 2 blocs like me ;)

hope you had a lovely week !

see you soon

Imen xoxo