Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not your gramma's postcard

I've been reading many books about photography lately, and this book   is my favorite so far, in style and techniques initiation, it's more "artsy" and less academic, wich is perfect for my lazy brain.

i loved this part so much :

"You can buy a thousand postcards outside famous landmarks that do the job of identifying the place you’ve visited—why duplicate them? How can you personalize an
experience in a well-known place?"

that's exactly what i'm looking for, another way to see things.

we went to the old part of Tunis again last saturday with my sister just to shoot some unfamous parts, the light was ok , cloudy  but i shot in landscape mode as i didnt feel confident enough to shoot manual yet in such pretty places, i didnt want to have bad photos cos God knows when ill be able to go there again !


In a typical white and blue themed homes and streets, this lovely pink home is standing out in a cute way!

this beauty needs more attention, it's in the "colonial" part of the town, the part built by the frensh.

A colorful musical instruments shop.

and at the end we had our lunch while it's raining outside wich felt so cosy , and the tea in the cute place called Bosphore.

hope you enjoyed your time too!

Imen xoxo