Friday, March 20, 2015

Sweet oranges maremelade

       Before last friday, i didnt know the difference between Jam and Marmelade ! turns out any citrus preseves are called Maremelade ! i love Google :)

       A useless information: i only eat sweet oranges, the regular ones are too sour for me, knowing that i LOVE lemons and add them to almost every thing i eat or drink , it's pretty strange.

       so i decided to do a maremelade as it's the end of oranges season soon and i love them for breackfast :

       for one medium jar :
-zest of 4 sweet oranges
-juice and seedless pulp of 4 sweet oranges and 2 lemons
-3 tbsp orange blossom water ( zhar)
-5 to 6 tbsp white sugar
-1 tsp corn starch ( you can add any vegeterian pectin if you dont do corn starch)

mix all ingredients in a sauce pan and stir until sugar is disolved, then cook on a very low heat for 90 mn , let cool before puting it in a sterilized jar. and put in  the fridge, to consume in 1 to 2 month.

hope you find this useful :) enjoy your weekend

Imen xoxo