Monday, March 9, 2015

Natural 2

hello beauties, i talked a few posts  back about my skincare routine, the cleansing, toning part , and today i'll talk moisturising and treating part.
 Facial mask:

i've learned about this recipe in a korean reality show! the honey garlic mask.

in a small container cut 3 to 4 big garlic gloves, pour over a natural honey, and put in the fridge for at least one week before use. twice a week, during bath or shower ( that's when the pores are open) apply for 10 to 15 mn, it will smell a tiny bit funny but it's worth every second :)
it's moisturising, acne treating and excelent for wrincles and skin texture.

Facial oil:

    i'm sure you've all heard about the rosehip oil, i gave it a try first with the famous Trilogy one. and i wasnt disapointed, but it was expensive, and so hard to get in here (Tunisia) so i searched for a cheaper but not less good, alternative, and found this one.i have lovely friends in the UK who helped me get it . i apply 3 to 4 drops  just after the toner and proceed with an easy facial massage, you can look up your favorite on youtube, there's thousands of them .
i dont use an eye cream as i put it on my eye area as well and it's doing wonders!

i sometimes alternate with sweet almond oil, and it's never less good, but it's a slightly thicker oil so i recomand it for night time routines.


   this Trilogy one is perfect for almost  balenced skin, normal skin and  very oily combination skin types, but if you have a dry and sensitive skin i dont recomand it as it wont give you the proper moist. i dont apply it everyday, as i found the oil massage is enough moisterising in most times, unless i'm in my dry phase or it's too cold outside.
a last advice: keep your routine easy and simple so you wont get lazy and skip it . it will never be said enough : Never sleep with makeup, and always keep hydrated !

hope you have a lovely week !

Imen xoxo