Monday, June 1, 2015

The week's food highlight

As most of my days, nothing realy interesting happend, just beading, and the most important parts of this week happend to be food!

i hate eating by myself, i rearly enjoy it, so i dont put much effort on planning meals when i'm alone, but on weekends i get exited as We'll get to enjoy it together me and my sister, this saturday's breakfast was a bit "too" healthy for a weekend meal :p

for lunch we tried a small asian food restaurant in Carrefour, we were shopping and the sight of noodles gave us the watery mouth. it was lovely!

and the best part of the sunday! molokhia ! a traditional Tunisian dish ( jute leaves powder cooked with lamb or beef  mostly)

hope you have a yummy week:
see you
Imen xoxo