Monday, June 15, 2015

Ramadan !

      The best month of the year ( at least for me) is coming! Ramadan ! and it's kind of a "cleansing" month too,  not much going out, not much internet or any kind of distraction . so i'll be away from the web  for 4 weeks to get the best spiritual benefits possible.

      As an attempt of vlogging i made a little clip of this saturday outing , something new to alternate from photo diary, hope you like it !

and few shots of old Tunis, you can tell i'm obssessed with old , historical architecture, it doesnt have to be famous or fancy, it just have to have some  story behind, wich is the case of most towns and cities here

ootd :)


hope you have a blessed ramadan and a lovely summer ! see you hopefully before Aid !

Imen xoxo