Wednesday, February 25, 2015


     As you'll notice by time, weekends, specialy saturday, is sisters time for me. we  try to make the most of the time together, shopping, meeting other friends, eating yummy mostly unhealthy food as it's her cheat meal on weekends, and last coffee. the past one wasnt very "loaded" :) we went for a bite after some supplies shopping

she was laughing at me telling her to look away when i take her pictures :)

   we wanted to take a look at an accessory shop on our way but nothing was at our style and so overpriced

this cosy little place was suggested by one of her friends, and it wasnt disapointing, loved the style

i dont remember the name, but we'll sure go back there .

that's all folks :) hope you had a lovely saturday too! 

Imen xoxo