Friday, February 6, 2015

Warming Up

   Hello lovelies, i promised  myself i'll start crafting and beading again this year. i stopped for another wotk that consumed me and almost killed my joy of crafting, but it's almost done now and to warm my fingers up for beading and peyote work ( and hopefully master new techniques) i did something for my self.

        I tried the beaded chain before but it went loose fro some reason, so i tried a new knot to prevent that, i'll wear them for sometime to test it, if it's as tough as it should be i'll make more of them to sell! i try to get the best quality supplies and material, but i have to test them before i sell them :), dont worry i dont test the ones i sell .
 hope you enjoy your weekend ! see you next week :)

       Imen xoxo