Monday, November 2, 2015

Bits and Bobs

   It's been a while, sorry, i've been deep in my ordinary boring daily life  and nothing interesting to blog about, but i though some bits of the ordinary is worth to share so here i am !

   Some OOTDs , perfecting my  minimalist effortless style, and it wasnt hard , i'm very lazy when it come to choosing the days outfit .. note to self: get a tripod soon)



fifi is lost few weeks ago, missing him so bad.

been remodeling the living room for a while, still in the process and a photo of the final result will be posted soon;)

someone probably discovered this ages ago but i've only recently tried the brown pancakes( cocoa pancakes) and i dont regret it at all !

hope  you had a lovely time and enjoying the creepy winter :)

see you xoxo