Friday, April 17, 2015

The week in photos

You may have noticed by now, i'm not a very talkative blogger, i express better with pictures. i do have alot to say but not in words, so these are photos to "talk" about my week!

Monday : OOTD
went out for supplies shopping.

Tuesday: work
getting a little flow of ideas and feeling creative finely!

Wednesday : some eye soothing green befor work , my window view in spring and summer is just wow! i cant see most of the outside and realy loving that :)

 Thursday: kitchen cleaning, was very needed and didnt have much to do anyway.

  with some help ;)

 Friday :was in the mood for some crepes , finished some beading  and had a busy cooking afternoon, prepared snackes and sanwiches for the saturday outing to Cap Serate ! what a tease! a blog post of it will be up on monday inshallah ;)

hope you have a gorgeous weekend !
Imen xoxo