Monday, February 16, 2015


      I started wearing the hijab about 7 years ago, and started to pay attention to what i wear and how i present myself.  my style before that was "wearing the first shirt and jean that comes to my hand, wich wasnt the best approach to modesty. then  the eternal question started to impose every morning: WHAT TO WEAR??and by looking around the perfect answer was : GO MINIMALISTIC CHIC! i realized, and i dont want to sound hipstery :p , i was into simple minimalistic styles even before that , and modesty was always my motto. I'm trying to recreate my wardrobe since then , to achieve a perfect minimalistic chic   style .  it's still a process as i own( and find it hard to let go) some flamboyant pieces . and i found a simple rule to help: keep the outfit to the minimal basics and play around with jewelry and accessories. 
         there's a brilliant article on how to take your wardrobe to the minimalistic level, it helpd me alot.
here is one look i 'm in love with : a basic 3 piece outfit with a catchy accessory

 creamy white wool sweater, white denim pants, navy coat, taupe wedge boots and grey bag.

hopefully more outfit posts will be up :) 
    enjoy your week and keep it simple !
 Imen xoxo